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Bowdoin College

Basic information

What is organizations's tax number?

Tax number or EIN for Bowdoin College is 01-0215213.

Is organization tax exempt?

Organization has been recently found in Pub 78.

Where is this organization located?

Bowdoin College
5400 College station

brunswick , ME 040118445

What is the mission of Bowdoin College?


Does Bowdoin College has website?

Bowdoin College has website. On their tax return they have reported WWW.BOWDOIN.EDU.

How many employees work for Bowdoin College has?

Last information we have is that in 2015, organization employeed 3029.

What are Bowdoin College revenues and expenses in 2015?

In 2015 Bowdoin College had revenue of $225,173,000.00 and incured expenses of $195,978,000.00. During that period program services revenue was $114,296,000.00 and program service expenses were $164,517,000.00
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How much assets does Bowdoin College had in 2015?

Bowdoin College started 2015 with $1,897,816,000.00 in assets, and finished the year with $1,831,737,000.00.
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Who is business officer representing Bowdoin College on its tax return?

There were 59 officers listed for 2015. They are:
  • Chair Deborah Jensen Barker
  • Vice Chair David P Wheeler
  • Trustee Sydney Asbury
  • Trustee Peter J Bernard
  • Trustee Arthur E Black
  • Trustee Gregory B Bowes
  • Trustee Ronald C Brady
  • Trustee David G Brown
  • Trustee Leonard W Cotton
  • Trustee Michele G Cyr
  • Trustee Iris W Davis
  • Trustee Jeff D Emerson
  • Trustee John A Gibbons Jr
  • Trustee Donald A Goldsmith
  • Trustee Stephen F Gormley
  • Trustee Bradford A Hunter
  • Trustee Tasha Vanderlinde Irving
  • Trustee Ann Hambelton Kenyon
  • Trustee Gregory E Kerr
  • Trustee George A Khaldun
  • Trustee James W Macallen
  • Trustee Joseph V Mcdevitt Jr
  • Trustee John F Mcquillan Jr
  • Trustee Henry T A Moniz
  • Trustee David A Morales
  • Trustee Scott B Perper
  • Trustee Kathleen K Phillips-lohrmann
  • Trustee Jane L Pinchin
  • Trustee Mary Hogan Preusse
  • Trustee Linda Horvitz Roth
  • Trustee David J Roux
  • Trustee Geoffrey Claflin Rusack
  • Trustee H Allen Ryan
  • Trustee Joan Benoit Samuelson
  • Trustee Andrew E Serwer
  • Trustee Mary Tydings Smith
  • Trustee James E Staley
  • Trustee Sheldon M Stone
  • Trustee John J Studzinski
  • Trustee John K L Thorndike
  • Trustee Karen N Walker
  • Trustee Paula M Wardynski
  • Trustee Robert F White
  • President Clayton Rose
  • Svp Finance & Admin/treasurer Scatherine Longley
  • Svp For Investments Paula Volent
  • Svp For Dvt & Alumni Relations Richard Ganong
  • Dean For Academic Affairs Cristle Collins Judd
  • Dean Of Admissions & Stdt Aid Scott Meiklejohn
  • Chief Information Officer Mitchel Davis
  • Dean Of Student Affairs Timothy Foster
  • Interim Dean Academic Affairs Jennifer Scanlon
  • Svp Comm & Public Affairs Scott Hood
  • Assoc Dir Of Private Equity Sara Orr
  • Faculty William Watterson
  • Faculty Patsy Dickinson
  • Vp & Assistant To President Elizabeth Orlic
  • Vp Of Human Resources Tama Spoerri
  • Former President Barry Mills

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    When was Bowdoin College formed?

    Bowdoin College was formed in 1794.