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American Legion

Basic information

What is organizations's tax number?

Tax number or EIN for American Legion is 35-0144250.

Is organization tax exempt?

Organization has been recently found in Pub 78.

Where is this organization located?

American Legion
PO BOX 1055


What is the mission of American Legion?

As the nation's largest wartime veterans service organization, the federally chartered American Legion is committed to lifelong assistance and support for men and women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, significant activities of which include free benefits counseling, education and career guidance, and health-care advocacy. The American Legion also provides volunteer opportunities for veterans to mentor youth and sponsor wholesome programs in communities; leads activities that celebrate patriotism and honor; promotes strong national security; and provides meaningful fellowship among service members, veterans and their families.

Does American Legion has website?

American Legion has website. On their tax return they have reported WWW.LEGION.ORG.

How many employees work for American Legion has?

Last information we have is that in 2016, organization employeed 316.

What are American Legion revenues and expenses in 2016?

In 2016 American Legion had revenue of $71,228,134.00 and incured expenses of $72,450,439.00. During that period program services revenue was $34,936,900.00 and program service expenses were $0.00
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How much assets does American Legion had in 2016?

American Legion started 2016 with $114,410,454.00 in assets, and finished the year with $118,445,274.00.
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Who is business officer representing American Legion on its tax return?

There were 91 officers listed for 2016. They are:
  • Charles E Schmidt
  • Harold D Barnett
  • Douglas L Boldt
  • Fae Casper
  • Paul L Espinoza
  • Paul Martel
  • Vincent J Troiola
  • George E Cushing
  • Alan A Davis Sr
  • David L Gough
  • Jimmy F Lane
  • Charles D Aucoin
  • Dennis R Boland
  • Bobby D Bryant
  • William H Burnett
  • Dennis E Clausing
  • Randall Coffman
  • William D Crosier Jr
  • Gary R Drennon
  • John A Endres
  • Mary V Erdman
  • Paul A Evenson
  • Bruce C Feuerbach
  • Willis Frazier
  • Arthur L Gimpel
  • Robert E Gosa
  • Kenneth J Goth
  • Mervin G Gunderson
  • Dennis C Haas
  • Cecil F Hennis
  • D Joseph Jackson
  • Jeff W Joyner
  • William W Kile
  • Francis J Killay
  • Robert L Krause
  • Robert D Liebenow
  • Francis J Macdonald
  • Nola L Maloney
  • Daniel E Mccole
  • Francis W Mccurdy
  • Ronald L Michalski
  • Terry E Miller
  • Bron R Mogenis
  • Michael L Mooney
  • Richard W Perry
  • Marland A Ronning
  • William R Roy
  • Kenneth J Rynes Jr
  • Thomas E Saunders
  • Terry D Schow
  • Marvin R Siegfried
  • C W Sparks Jr
  • Paul I Steward
  • Felix Trujillo
  • Lawrence E Wade
  • Wayne Wagner
  • William R Wallace
  • David O Warnken
  • Roger H Webster
  • Charles F Wessinger
  • Kenneth G Whitman
  • Janet M Wilson
  • Robert D Winston
  • Michael D Wood
  • Jerry A Ball
  • Ildefonso Colon Jr
  • Warren N Cuffee
  • Charles W Goodin
  • Robert J Kimball
  • Steve Krueger
  • Jerry Landkamer
  • Thomas E Mattice
  • John H Miller
  • Robert C Miller Jr
  • Ramona A Naragon
  • James E Pisa
  • James E Prendergast
  • Bill G Richard
  • Herbert J Scholten
  • Elbert D White
  • William R Wright Iii
  • Hugh E Crooks
  • John W Hargreaves
  • Daniel S Wheeler
  • Philip B Onderdonk Jr
  • George A Buskirk Jr
  • R J Stoffer
  • Louis Celli
  • Joseph C Sharpe
  • Jeffrey O Brown
  • Verna Lynn Jones

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    When was American Legion formed?

    American Legion was formed in 1919.