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University Of Mary

Basic information

What is organizations's tax number?

Tax number or EIN for University Of Mary is 45-0273403.

Is organization tax exempt?

Organization has been recently found in Pub 78.

Where is this organization located?

University Of Mary

BISMARCK , ND 585049652

What is the mission of University Of Mary?

The University of Mary exists to serve the religious, academic and cultural needs of the people in this region and beyond.(Continued on Schedule O)

Does University Of Mary has website?

University Of Mary has website. On their tax return they have reported

How many employees work for University Of Mary has?

Last information we have is that in 2015, organization employeed 1068.

What are University Of Mary revenues and expenses in 2015?

In 2015 University Of Mary had revenue of $73,577,788.00 and incured expenses of $62,049,256.00. During that period program services revenue was $52,951,900.00 and program service expenses were $55,247,000.00
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How much assets does University Of Mary had in 2015?

University Of Mary started 2015 with $133,640,115.00 in assets, and finished the year with $147,183,702.00.
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Who is business officer representing University Of Mary on its tax return?

There were 43 officers listed for 2015. They are:
  • Chair Dan Butler
  • Prioress, President (starting May) Sister Nicole Kunze
  • Prioress, President (through May) Sister Nancy Miller
  • Vice Chair Tim Hennessy
  • Secretary Sister Patricia Schap
  • Trustee A Kirk Lanterman
  • Trustee Abbot Brian Wangler
  • Trustee Bill Daniel
  • Trustee Dr Harold J Miller
  • Trustee Julie Liffrig Fedorchak
  • Trustee Joe Hauer
  • Trustee John Simmons
  • Trustee Kevin Cramer
  • Trustee Mike Hofer
  • Trustee Niles Hushka
  • Trustee Sister Agatha Muggli
  • Trustee Sister Joann Krebsbach
  • Trustee Sister Susan Lardy
  • Trustee Kathleen Gaddie
  • Trustee David Goodin
  • Trustee Mikey Hoeven
  • Trustee Sister Agnes Reinert
  • Trustee Pauline Economon
  • Trustee (through April) Troy Nelson
  • Trustee (through April) Terry Zeltinger
  • Trustee (through April) Sister Rebecca Mayer
  • Trustee (through April) George Ehlis
  • Trustee (through April) Bill Clairmont
  • Trustee (through April) Cheryl Kulas
  • Trustee (starting May) Scott Davis
  • Trustee (starting May) Monsignor Greg Schlesselmann
  • Trustee (starting May) Gary Tharaldson
  • Trustee (starting May) Dr Gary Watts
  • Trustee (starting April) Kurt Schley
  • Trustee (starting December) Dr Jonathan Reyes
  • President Monsignor James P Shea
  • Treas., Vp Of Financial (july-jan) Mary Hager
  • Executive Vp/chief Of Staff Gregory Vetter-treasjan-june
  • Chairman Of The Campaign Neal Kalberer
  • V.p. For Academic Affairs Diane Fladeland
  • V.p. For Mission Advancemen Patrick O'meara
  • Assistant V.p. For Academic Kimberly Mcdowall-long
  • Dean Of School Of Health S Joellen Roller

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    When was University Of Mary formed?

    University Of Mary was formed in 1959.