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Sanford Group Return

Basic information

What is organizations's tax number?

Tax number or EIN for Sanford Group Return is 45-3791176.

Is organization tax exempt?

We have no record of this organization being in Pub 78. Thus we think it is not tax exempt. Please verify this information by searching IRS Pub 78 database.

Where is this organization located?

Sanford Group Return
801 Broadway N

Fargo , ND 58122

What is the mission of Sanford Group Return?

Part of the Sanford Health System, Sanford is committed to the healthcare needs of communities throughout South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. Sanford provides a full range of primary and specialty health care services.

Does Sanford Group Return has website?

Sanford Group Return has website. On their tax return they have reported

How many employees work for Sanford Group Return has?

Last information we have is that in 2015, organization employeed 33087.

What are Sanford Group Return revenues and expenses in 2015?

In 2015 Sanford Group Return had revenue of $3,621,661,130.00 and incured expenses of $3,409,148,116.00. During that period program services revenue was $3,553,250,000.00 and program service expenses were $2,940,630,000.00

How much assets does Sanford Group Return had in 2015?

Sanford Group Return started 2015 with $2,518,921,978.00 in assets, and finished the year with $2,666,510,312.00.

Who is business officer representing Sanford Group Return on its tax return?

There were 63 officers listed for 2015. They are:
  • Trustee Barb Everist
  • Trustee Brent Teiken
  • Trustee David Beito
  • Trustee Don Jacobs
  • Trustee Don Morton
  • Trustee James Cain
  • Trustee (thru Nov 15) Jim Entenman
  • Trustee Lauris Molbert
  • Trustee/sanford Physician Maria Bell Md
  • Trustee/sanford Physician Mark Lundeen Md
  • Trustee/sanford Physician Mark Paulson Md
  • Trustee Melissa Hinton
  • Trustee/sanford Physician Michael Lebeau Md
  • Trustee Patrick Durick
  • Trustee/sanford Physician (thru Nov 15) Richard Hardie Md
  • Trustee Thomas Hruby
  • Sanford President & Ceo Kelby K Krabbenhoft
  • Sanford President & Ceo Kelby K Krabbenhoft Deferred Comp
  • Chief Financial Officer Joann L Kunkel
  • Chief Operating Officer Nate White
  • Chief Innovation Officer Richard G Adcock
  • Chief Legal Officer Kim Patrick
  • Treasurer Bill Marlette
  • Treasurer Bill Marlette Deferred Comp
  • Chief Strategy Officer (thru Jan 16) David Link
  • Chief Strategy Officer (thru Jan 16) David Link Deferred Comp
  • Vp Operations Bismarck Al Hurley
  • Senior Vp Chief Medical Officer Allison Suttle Md
  • Vp Operations Sioux Falls Bradley J Schipper
  • Vp Operations Bismarck (thru Dec 15) Brenda Larsen
  • Vp Finance Health Network Bruce D Viessman
  • Exec Vp Bemidji Bryan Nermoe
  • Vp Finance Sioux Falls Cole Turner
  • Vp Finance Bemidji Craig Boyer
  • Exec Vp Bismarck Craig Lambrecht
  • Exec Vp Bemidji (thru Dec 15) Daniel Olson
  • Exec Vp Clinic Daniel W Blue
  • Vp Clinic Finance Douglas Okland
  • Vp Operations Fargo Ellen Cooke
  • Vp Operations Health Network Eric Hilmoe
  • Chief Integration Officer (thru Dec 15) Jeff D Sandene
  • Exec Vp Health Network Jesse Tischer
  • Vp Operations Bemidji Joy Johnson
  • Vp Operations Smc Fargo (thru July 15) Karen Tobin
  • Vp Finance Bismarck Kirk Cristy
  • Senior Vp Clinic Matthew Hocks
  • Vp Clinic Sioux Falls Michael E Farritor
  • Senior Vp Finance Health Services Michelle A Bruhn
  • Senior Vp Finance Corp Controller Michelle M Micka
  • Exec Vp Sioux Falls Paul Hanson
  • Exec Vp Fargo Paul Richard
  • Senior Vp Operations Randy Bury
  • Senior Vp Operations Randy Bury Deferred Comp
  • Vp Operations Fargo Clinic (thru Dec 15) Richard Marsden Md
  • Vp Finance Sioux Falls (thru Mar 16) Steve W Goetsch
  • Vp Finance Fargo Tiffany Lawrence
  • Physician Scott Pham
  • Physician Tomasz P Stys
  • Physician Adam T Stys
  • Physician William C Brunner
  • Physician Wilson T Asfora
  • Former Exec Vp Health Network Richard Giesel
  • Former Vp Finance Cecily Tucker