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Alegent Creighton Health

Basic information

What is organizations's tax number?

Tax number or EIN for Alegent Creighton Health is 47-0757164.

Is organization tax exempt?

Organization has been recently found in Pub 78.

Where is this organization located?

Alegent Creighton Health

OMAHA , NE 68154

What is the mission of Alegent Creighton Health?

The mission of the Corporation is to nurture the healing ministry of the Church, supported by education and research. Fidelity to the Gospel urges the Corporation to emphasize human dignity and social justice as it creates healthier communities. The Corporation, sponsored by a lay-religious partnership, calls other Catholic sponsors and systems to unite to ensure the future of Catholic health care. To fulfill this mission, the Corporation, as a values-based organization, will assure the integrity of the ministry in both current and developing organizations and activities; research and develop new ministries that integrate health, education, pastoral, and social services; promote leadership development and formation for ministry throughout the entire organization; advocate for systemic changes with specific concern for persons who are poor, alienated, and underserved; and steward resources by general oversight of the entire organization.

Does Alegent Creighton Health has website?

Alegent Creighton Health has website. On their tax return they have reported

How many employees work for Alegent Creighton Health has?

Last information we have is that in 2015, organization employeed 3516.

What are Alegent Creighton Health revenues and expenses in 2015?

In 2015 Alegent Creighton Health had revenue of $576,524,711.00 and incured expenses of $533,124,497.00. During that period program services revenue was $299,747,000.00 and program service expenses were $503,278,000.00
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How much assets does Alegent Creighton Health had in 2015?

Alegent Creighton Health started 2015 with $696,163,342.00 in assets, and finished the year with $1,049,622,124.00.
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Who is business officer representing Alegent Creighton Health on its tax return?

There were 41 officers listed for 2015. They are:
  • Michael Defreece
  • Richard Herink Md
  • Cliff Robertson Md
  • Sr Maryanne Stevens Rsm
  • Larry Butler
  • Fr James Clifton Sj
  • Gregory Heidrick
  • Sister Nadine Heimann
  • Robert Lanik
  • Michael Rowan Fache
  • Barry Sandstrom
  • Nathaniel Brackett Md
  • Susanne L Hruza
  • Amy L Mcgaha Md
  • Edward R O'connor Ph D
  • Bill T Yates
  • Joan Neuhaus
  • Nancy Wallace
  • Cary Ward Md
  • Jeanette Wojtalewicz
  • Cindy Alloway
  • Jane Carmody
  • Kevin Nokels
  • Steve Houston
  • Mike Watters
  • Marie Knedler
  • Daniel Mcelligott
  • Kim Moore
  • Michael Schnieders
  • Ann Schumacher
  • Patricia Murdock-langan Md
  • Devin Fox Md
  • Larry Brown Md
  • Frank Emsick
  • Sheree Keely
  • Patricia Masek
  • Jason Yungtum
  • Ann Oasan
  • Rick Miller Md
  • Richard Rolston Md
  • Elizabeth Llewellyn

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    When was Alegent Creighton Health formed?

    Alegent Creighton Health was formed in 1992.