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Little Sisters Of The Poor Inc (EIN: 51-0095986 )


Little Sisters Of The Poor Inc is was formed in 1903 in Newark, DE and is non-profit organization still located in the same city. Organization is led by Sister Jeanne Mary Piche, and had governing board consisting of 4 members. In 2015 this non-profit organization had 167 employees.

Primary Exempt Statement

Little sisters of the poor care for the elderly poor in the spirit of humble service which was received from jeanne jugan. they welcome the elderly as they would jesus christ himself and serve them with love and respect until death. the little sisters of the poor operate jeanne jugan residence, which provides nursing and residential care for the needy elderly. the home is part of the international congregation of the little sisters of the poor, which was founded in france in 1839 and serves the elderly in 32 countries.
Little Sisters Of The Poor Inc is not IRS Exempt Organizations Select Check Database.
Organization has likely closed in 2015 or 2016.

Finances and Program Service Revenues

It had revenue of $5,374,418.00 and expenses $5,706,415.00 between January 2015 and December 2015 that year it had program service revenue of $3,649,800.00 and program service expenses $4,624,680.00 .

Little Sisters Of The Poor Inc started 2015 with $8,258,022.00 in assets, and finished it with $7,901,670.00

Revenue has not always exceeded expenses. Program service expenses have exceeded program service revenue for all of the reporting periods. While total assets of have grown in some years, it also had shrinked in other years.

More information available in detailed financial report for years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015
Tax Year Total Revenue Total Expenses Net Revenues Total Assets BOY Total Assets EOY Change in Assets
January 2011 - December 2011 $4,802,172.00 $5,489,440.00 -$687,268.00 $7,931,301.00 $7,790,262.00 -$141,039.00
January 2012 - December 2012 $5,213,208.00 $5,444,202.00 -$230,994.00 $7,790,262.00 $7,900,098.00 $109,836.00
January 2013 - December 2013 $6,153,008.00 $5,565,817.00 $587,191.00 $7,900,098.00 $8,544,966.00 $644,868.00
January 2014 - December 2014 $5,577,805.00 $5,888,625.00 -$310,820.00 $8,544,966.00 $8,258,022.00 -$286,944.00
January 2015 - December 2015 $5,374,418.00 $5,706,415.00 -$331,997.00 $8,258,022.00 $7,901,670.00 -$356,352.00


Little Sisters Of The Poor Inc has average board consisting of 4 members. The board members are Sister Cecile Zeringue as vice preside, Sister Georgia George as secretary, Sister Rose Marie Keitter as treasurer and Sister Jeanne Mary Piche as president.
Tax Returns

More information on individual tax returns for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 year.

Web Presence

Little Sisters Of The Poor Inc maintains web site at .


Little Sisters Of The Poor Inc was located on 1 different addresses. Little Sisters Of The Poor Inc
NEWARK, DE 19713

Business Officer

Years: 2011, 2012 and 2013
Sister Joseph Beutler
(302) 368-xxxx

Years: 2014 and 2015
Sister Jeanne Mary Piche
(302) 368-xxxx

Board of Directors

Governing board for each of tax years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 .

In tax year 2015 board of directors consisted of: